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Acupuncturist Mark Crain is accredited in acupuncture treatment by the following institutions.

  • Australian Armed Forces Acupuncturist
  • CTP Insurance Claim Acupuncturist - Suncorp - RACQ
  • Queensland WorkCover Acupuncturist
  • Victorian WorkSafe Acupuncturist
  • Members' Choice Acupuncturist for Medibank

Acupuncture treatments are covered by the following categories:

  • Motor vehicle accident claims
  • Workcover QLD & VIC claims
  • Post accident stress or depression Workcover claims
  • Injuries sustained during armed forces training or post traumatic stress syndrome

No out of pocket expenses for WorkCover/Armed Forces Primary Treatment or Secondary Psyc

Tried Acupuncture or Chinese Herbs yet?
See why it may be able to address your health issues....

Acupuncture is used today for relieving pain, improving the body's defenses and strengthening our internal environments to fight disease. Likewise, Chinese herbal formulas can improve the body's ability to fight disease by regulating, nourishing and cleaning our internal environments.

Overall Acupuncture and Chinese herbs work as a team in treatment of most conditions though each has its separate strengths and weakness to fight disease or to improve the mobility of our body.

Today, western researchers investigate acupuncture more than ever before due to its ability to relieve pain, reduce spasm, and improve healing time to muscle and joint damage. Acupuncture uses anatomically correct points that aid healing. These points have taken generations of knowledge to assess and compile giving acupuncture an unrivaled position when needles are used as a form of treatment.

Likewise, Chinese herbal formula being synergistic have few side effects. Working on the nature of herbs and the knowledge of which herbs improve a particular part of our body best then we are able to assist our body to cleanse and repair disease producing or aggravating substances.

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